“If you never did you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.”

- Dr. Seuss 


Justice League: Unite the League

We partnered with AT&T and Warner Bros. to create both an online feature as well as an exclusive in-store activation.   The experience was loaded onto Samsung mobile devices throughout AT&T stores across the United States.  Fans of all ages became their favorite Justice League hero by taking a selfie which created a 360° image on Facebook.  Their friends were then invited to include themselves in the very same experience.

Click any image below to see it in 360°.

Screenshot 2019-01-18 12.18.47
Screenshot 2019-01-18 12.18.30
Screenshot 2019-01-18 12.19.14
Screenshot 2019-01-18 12.19.04

The Gifted: Which Mutant Are You?

Fans were invited to take a short 5 question personality quiz to match up with one of the main characters from the show, along with their mutant powers.  The feature then rendered a motion graphics video self portrait to share on social media.


Battleship: Shred Your Street

This film's Alien Invaders had some gnarly weaponry called 'Shredders' that laid waste to everything in their path.  We created a web app that integrated an early adoption of the Google Maps API.   Your address launched virtual Shredders into your neighborhood as the app integrated actual Google Street View imagery.  For extra realism, connecting with Facebook incorporated your name and town into a news ticker. 

Check out this fan capture of the experience.






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