“Mystery is the catalyst for imagination.”

- J.J. Abrams


Captain Marvel

Unlike most other films set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this one takes place in the '90s.  So, it made complete sense to commit and go full-on Geocities.  It's even hosted on Angelfire!  Rad.

Chock full of easter egg surprises, there's definitely more than enough for fans to discover, explore and discuss.  We even figured out a way for the late, great Stan Lee to make a cameo.  If you don't have time to figure them all out yourself, try this article.  They found most of them, but not all! 

“Captain Marvel has the best movie website since Space Jam.”

- Brian Barrett, Wired


Super 8

The online campaign for JJ Abram's Super 8 had many different moving parts. Some examples are below. Others are associated with 'Scariest Thing I Ever Saw' - but we'd rather not talk about that.

The Super 8 Editing Room featured a series of film strips released one at a time.  Each strip represented a series of frames that fans could unlock bit by bit by working together - ultimately revealing a complete web exclusive video.

This took place over the course of several months where news media participants were sent mysterious packages that included a specific strip of Super 8 film. It was accompanied with a one of a kind card that revealed a code which unlocked a corresponding clip on the site.

Examples: Wired Magazine & /Film


Apollo 18

According to NASA, Apollo 17 (launched on December 17, 1972) was the final manned lunar mission. President Nixon cited budget cuts as the reason the program was officially "canceled"... or was it?

Our viral campaign for this found footage thriller was so authentic that NASA issued a public statement insisting, “the film was a complete work of fiction.”


10 Cloverfield Lane

Through a series of daisy chained clues, fans worked together to uncover GPS coordinates hidden in single frames of the film's trailer, buried treasure in Louisiana (literally), a cellphone hidden in a Chicago train station locker and more.  All while following an IRL prequel of sorts leading up to the events seen in the film.

For much more on the 10 Cloverfield Lane ARG, check out this article from Collider.com.

Have all day? Get lost on Reddit.

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