6 Seasons of American Horror Story


Over the past 6 seasons of American Horror story, we have continually strived to galvanize a rabid fan base by creating a wide variety of digital content.

During this time we have worked with over 30 partners, generated tens of millions of views on social media (along with hundreds of thousands of comments), and somehow managed to win a couple of awards along the way while having an absolute blast.

Breaking the Rules

Sometimes to cut through the clutter you have to push the limits.  We created a series of posts that created an illusion that the content actually took over the user interface.  The example below made a lot of noise, and shortly thereafter Facebook stopped allowing this type of content.


Fan Participation

The Arcana Gallery was created in partnership with Thought Catalog to allow fans to become brand ambassadors by sharing their favorite quotes from past seasons. We created 10 custom animated 3D chapters that represented key symbols in the franchise - and let the fans contribute the content.


Hyper-Targeting: Reaching the Right Audience

We partnered with Pinterest to craft a series of integrated, attention grabbing placements.  Each was associated with a variety of key search terms; allowing us to get the creative in front of the core demographic for maximum impact.


Transforming Your World

A series of AR Lenses on Snapchat offered fans a way to merge their world with elements from American Horror Story.  From transforming your face, to bringing the Apocalypse into your space - get creeped out!


Fueling the Fire

Each season of American Horror Story has a new theme and fans are always anxious to hear about what it's going to be.  We are typically able to capitalize on the attention these reveals generate. However for Season 6, the network decided to keep this a secret all the way up to premiere.

So, how do you market something you can't talk about?  Misdirection, baby!  And lots of it.  We created a wide variety of ambiguous, but thematic content... and let the fans take it from there.


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Motion Design

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