I woke up in the desert, like I was dropped out of the sky....

Its not often you get to work on a film that has Cowboys & Aliens & Han Solo & James Bond. Needless to say, Universal Pictures had us at “Hello!”

Big, bold and immersive best describe the official destination experience for this much talked about film. With sweeping fly throughs and expansive 3D environments, we set out to showcase the world of the film through the POV of an alien space craft. Check it out for yourself.

Be Quick or Be Dead

What do you get when you take one part classic old west Shooting Gallery, part Alien invasion and mix with Unity 3D?


Do you have what it takes to be a gunman in the old west? Are you quick enough to defend the town of Absolution from the onslaught of futuristic Alien invaders? Find out now and unlock secret achievements, weapons and more. Connect to Facebook and watch your friends show up on Wanted posters!

The game also featured an original web exclusive score from Austin based band Sounds Under Radio. Check it out…

Cowboys & Aliens | Absolution Game from project c on Vimeo.


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With the help of SOCIALRAMA, users were able to view and engage real time conversation about Cowboys & Aliens all in one place. It launched early at Comic Con 2010 and proved to be the best place to keep up with the buzz about the film for over a year. It also featured social activity from director Jon Favreau and was a source of various exclusive content.

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